Courses taught include both lecture and laboratory courses across a variety of institution types (small liberal arts, medium public university, private university, and "R1" research university). I am also teaching a summer field-based course, Field Ornithology.
I have listed below the lectures and labs taught with the associated institution.
Lecture Courses

Physiology (plus lab) Canisius College

Ornithology (plus lab) Canisius College

Introductory Biology I Canisius College

Biology and Society (non-majors biology) University of Southern Mississippi

Anatomy and Physiology I Husson University

Introductory Biology (team taught) University of Maine

Seminar Courses

Sophomore Seminar Canisius College

Senior Seminar (Behavioral Endocrinology) Canisius College

Laboratory Courses

Behavioral Ecology University of Southern Mississippi

Zoology University of Southern Mississippi

Principles of Biology I University of Southern Mississippi

General Biology I Husson University

General Biology II (designed all labs) Husson University

Anatomy and Physiology I Husson University

Evolution and Ecology Husson University

Anatomy and Physiology University of Maine

Introductory Biology University of Maine

Evolution, Ecology, and Population Biology Canisius College

Field Ornithology

I will be teaching this field-based course for the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine during late May-mid-June. 

See the course page on the SML website (here) or go here for detailed course information and updates.

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